EKO cellar

Nowadays, houses are mainly built without a cellar, however, it has been a trend of the recent years to prefer local food – grown in your own garden or bought from local farmers. However, you need a cellar to store all this, which gives you an advantage: qualitative food, healthy vegetables and fruit, which preserve well even in coldest winters.

The ECO cellar is easy to install – it is installed within a day. It is partially buried in soil to the depth of 1.8 meters and covered with about 1.4 m thick soil layer. The soil layer acts as an insulation barrier between variable temperature of the external environment and almost constant ground temperature, ensuring that the cellar does not overheat in summer and does not freeze through in winter.

  • SIA “V62″
  • Registration number: 40203119944
  • “Lazdaines”, Salaspils parish, Salaspils county, LV-2121
  • +371 29289758
  • +371 29215513
  • info@ekopagrabs.lv

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